Fixed Orifice Press is a small press run by paper and print enthusiasts. Our highly dedicated team of field workers and note-takers research styles and shapes for the perfect notebook. Our images are sure to delight the young and old.

We make delicate notebooks to record your ideas in, mini-notebooks to fit in any shirt pocket, books of miscellany and stationery.

All Fixed Orifice Press items are hand silkscreened, and created from recycled and salvaged items whenever possible. All items are limited edition - short runs of less than 30 for notebooks, 10 and under for t-shirts.

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New NoteCards!2008-03-02

Fixed Orifice Press is proud to announce our first line of Stationery! Folded cards with 2 Color Silkscreen
on the front: Bone or Horse image inside either a thought balloon or a speech bubble. The cards are
blank inside for your own message. They come in a pack of 6 cards with envelopes; you get 2 designs,
3 styles of each for the low price of $8



Post-Maker Faire info 2007-05-10
Fixed Orifice Press had a great time at the Maker Faire - thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello, and purchased our items! We had a wonderful time being next to the Small Stump table! Some product still remains from the Maker Faire and is available on the notebooks page. Our workers are still recovering, so please be patient while we update are mailing list, and process requests from those of you wanting specific t-shirts!

Fixed Orifice at the Maker Faire! 2007-04-21
Fixed Orifice Press will be retailing in the Craft area at Make magazine's Maker Faire. The event takes place May 19 & 20, 2007 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. Come out at see the sights, stop by our table and say hello!

We will be debuting a couple of new Notebook/T-Shirt lines: Spirograph and Husky Dog, as well as pulling a couple of exciting items out of the vault.
New Notebooks 2007-04-15
A larger notebook - 6" x 9" is now available. The cover image combines our Flowered motif with new multiple dogs. Some covers include letterpress. Similar in size to what you might have purchased at The Lab's Post-Postcard show this past December. Images available soon!